Gamer Kills Two and Injures 11 After Opening fire at Video Game Tournament

A shooting this Sunday in a restaurant where a videogame tournament was held in Jacksonville (Florida) has left two fatalities. In turn, the assailant, identified as David Katz, a 24-year-old white man from Baltimore, Maryland, committed suicide at the scene of the crime, according to local sheriff Mike Williams.

The police chief said that Katz was one of the participants in the competition and used at least one gun. He added that they have evidence that he slept last night in a hotel in the city. No hypothesis advanced on the motives of the shooter. The shooting also left 11 wounded, nine with gunshot wounds.

The event occurred around half past one in the afternoon, local time, during a Madden NFL football game tournament in a restaurant in a busy shopping center. The event was being broadcast live on the Internet. In a video that circulated through social networks, you can see two players sitting in front of the screen, relaxed and smiling, when they begin to hear the powerful and dry detonations of the shots and, immediately afterward, the cries of the people.

The retransmission is cut short. Just before the shots begin, you can distinguish for a moment what looks like a laser point moving erratically over the chest of one of the players. During the shooting, there were at least 13 shots.

One of the participants in the competition, Drini Gjoka, wrote on Twitter after the shooting. “I’m really lucky, a bullet grazed my thumb, the worst day of my life, I’ll never take anything for granted anymore, life can go away in a second.” Another player, identified on Twitter as @DubDotDUBBY, wrote that he suffered a bullet wound and was treated at the hospital.

Ambulances, police cars and firefighters arrived immediately and the authorities blocked the environment and launched the alert that no one was approaching. The police asked by Twitter that those who had hidden from the shooting in the mall premises called the emergency number to be rescued by special operations agents.

The Jacksonville Landing Mall is located in the most central business area of the city (about 900,000 inhabitants and located in northeast Florida), has about twenty restaurants and about seventy stores. Every year, it receives thousands of visits from neighbors and tourists.

In the last three years, Florida has been a recurring point of atrocities related to solitary shooters. In June 2016, 29-year-old Omar Mateen and sympathetic jihadist murdered 49 people in a gay nightclub in Orlando and was shot dead by police. In January of 2017, Esteban Santiago, a veteran of the Iraq war who was then 26 years old, left five fatalities and six injured after opening fire suddenly at the Fort Lauderdale airport.

He was arrested and later sentenced to life imprisonment. And on February 14, one of the worst shootings in a school in the United States took place, when the young Nikolas Cruz, aged 19, entered the Stoneman Douglas Institute in Parkland, from which he had been expelled, and killed 14 minors and three adults shooting with an assault rifle. Shortly after the massacre, he was arrested in the vicinity of the school. The prosecutor of the case has announced that in the trial he will ask for the death penalty for Cruz.

The most recent tragedy in the US caused by a shooter occurred on June 28 in Annapolis, Maryland, where Jarrod Ramos, 38, stormed the Capital Gazette newspaper, killed five employees and was arrested. resist. On May 18, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17, killed ten people in an institute in Santa Fe.

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