At least Five People Killed in Maryland Shooting

The United States again heard deadly shots. At least five people were killed and two were seriously wounded Thursday in the offices of one of the oldest newspapers in the country. The Capital Gazette, a local media in Annapolis, capital of the state of Maryland, near Washington.

The authorities detained the author, Jarrod W. Ramos, a white adult of 38 years, who would have acted to take revenge on the newspaper. Phil Davis, a newspaper reporter of the newspaper, tweeted: “There is nothing more chilling than hearing multiple people shot while you are under the desk and then you hear the gunman reload his gun”

Ramos entered the facility with a shotgun and smoke grenades and fired through a glass door against multiple employees, according to Davis, who described the scene as “a war zone.” The murderer took the lives of four journalists and a commercial assistant. In 2015, the criminal lost a case of defamation he filed against the newspaper by a column in 2011. The text reported that Ramos was guilty of harassing a woman through social networks.

Since the police were notified until the author was approached they spent between 60 and 90 seconds, according to the authorities. Ramos was hiding under a desk when the agents arrived and showed no resistance at the time of his arrest. After the incident, the authorities evacuated all the building. Workers left the offices of The Gazette, owned by the Baltimore Sun newspaper, to the parking lot with their hands up.

“This person was ready today to get in, this person was ready to shoot people,” said Anne Arundel County Deputy Director of Police, William Krampf. “His intention was to cause damage.”

Among those killed was a veteran columnist, editor and journalism professor Rob Hiaasen. Hiaasen, 59, worked for 15 years at the Baltimore Sun and in 2010 moved to The Capital Gazette to serve as assistant editor.

President Donald Trump, who was visiting the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, tweeted nearly three hours after the shooting that his “thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.” When he landed in Washington he did not respond to the journalists’ questions about the event. The governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, declared himself “absolutely desolate” when he learned of the tragedy and called on the population to follow all the warnings and stay away from the site of the event.

The editor of the newspaper, Jimmy DeButts, declared himself “devastated and heartbroken, numb.” “The journalists and editors of giving their all every day, there are no 40-hour weeks or big payments, just passion to tell stories about our community,” he wrote on Twitter. The Capital Gazette is one of the oldest newspapers in the United States, founded in 1727. It is currently distributed in three of the 24 Maryland counties.

This shooting takes place after massacres that in recent months have shocked the United States, such as last February at the Parkland Institute (Florida), at the hands of one of their former students, or the Las Vegas concert in the month October, which with almost 60 dead became the largest shooting massacre. The event is reminiscent of the one that suffered the writing of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on January 2015.

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