Germany, France, Spain Issue Maduro an Ultimatum

On Saturday, the governments of Germany, Spain and France made an ultimatum to Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro to announce elections within eight days. Otherwise, they will recognize the leader of the Venezuelan National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, as president of Venezuela. The opponent thanked the support received.

The president of France, Emmanuel Macron, announced this through his Twitter account, in messages published in both French and Spanish: “The Venezuelan people must be able to freely decide their future, without elections announced in 8 days, we could recognize @jguaido as ‘president in charge’ of Venezuela to implement this political process, we work together with our European allies, “he said on Twitter. Guaidó answered the support in the same social network.

Macron’s message is published a day after the French Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, expressed his support for the country’s National Assembly and Guaidó as a “democratically elected” body and noted that France seeks a ” united position “in Brussels before pronouncing.

For its part, Martina Fietz, deputy speaker of the German government, wrote a similar message on the social network. “The Venezuelan people must be able to decide with freedom and security about their future, if the elections are not announced in 8 days we are willing to recognize Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s” interim president “to implement this political process. Europeans, “he said.

And the president of the Spanish government, the socialist Pedro Sanchez, made the same request while affirming that Guaidó must lead the transition to a “free” election in Venezuela by holding the maximum representation of the National Assembly of that country.

The Executive Spanish called for the “immediate” holding a “clean, democratic and transparent” elections in a country “brother” and that it has been living for “many years” a “very serious political, democratic, economic and humanitarian crisis” that has caused more than three million displaced people.

Guaidó, 35 years old, proclaimed himself interim president of the country two days ago and agreed yesterday to enter into a negotiation with Maduro on the condition of his resignation from office. This Friday, in addition, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights granted precautionary measures.

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