White Plains Hospital to Provide Consumer-Driven Care at Home via a new partnership

White Plains Hospital, a leading healthcare provider in Westchester County, New York, reported today that they will deliver remote care for patients located outside of the hospital and traditional care settings thanks in part to a new partnership with Life365, a leading virtual care platform provider.

The partnership will further serve to empower patients by providing them with the information and tools to be more aware and proactive with their health. Additionally, the remote care system will enhance the virtual health care experience as providers will have expanded access to patient information in nearly real-time, allowing for modifications to care plans between visits.

Life365 will initially provide connected care kits curated with a variety of biometric devices (weight scale, blood pressure monitors, glucose meters, pulse oximeters, spirometers, etc.) that are connected to the cloud in a variety of ways, including via a consumer smartphone app, preconfigured smart devices and digital assistants.

Patients will be able to track their data and understand the trends over time and the information transmitted by a patient at home will be reviewed by White Plains Hospital physicians and their care teams. The information can be flagged, and immediate action can be undertaken if the data indicates the patient’s urgent need for treatment.

“We are thrilled to have Life365 as a partner, especially as we continue to expand our digital health service offerings,” said Jonathan Bandel, Vice President of Strategy and Innovation at White Plains Hospital.  “Our focus has always been on delivering an exceptional patient experience, with our informed consumers at the center of our care system. Life365 furthers that aim by making our patients true collaborators in their care journey and enables our highly skilled physicians and care teams to proactively partner in delivering patient-specific interventions.”

The initial kits being deployed for White Plains Hospital users include a respiratory bundle that includes pulse oximeters, spirometers and blood pressure cuffs. The respiratory bundle will allow lung specialists on staff at White Plains Hospital to treat patients with respiratory diseases like COPD and Asthma in their homes, improving outcomes for some of our most vulnerable patients. The kits will also allow the Hospital’s pulmonary team to guide in-home respiratory treatments and assess the lung function of individuals in real-time, adjusting their treatments in order to keep them out of the hospital.

“As we continue to define how digital health is utilized to connect individuals outside the four walls of the hospital, we have to work with people-centered innovators, like the administration at White Plains, to address overcoming challenges in creating a unified care experience, equal or better to traditional in-person care,” said Kent Dicks, CEO of Life365. 

“Life365’s mission is to help eliminate the friction points in scaling care to home, including selecting the appropriate connected solutions for specific populations, deploying those solutions, integrating the solutions into the clinical workflow, and improving engagement for individuals surrounding their care.  By eliminating these friction points, we can help White Plains Hospital deliver more cost-effective, efficient care, and address the needs of a broader population of patients,” he added.

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