Recent Improvements Make LPS Industries More Environmentally Conscious

Moonachie, NJ-based LPS Industries has won the Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey’s Environmental Leadership Award. The CIANJ gave the award in recognition of LPS Industries solar panel farm on its roof, its recycling efforts with paper and wood, and its R&D with sustainable alternatives for recyclable products. The firm is a certified flexible packaging manufacturer and converter with a history of over 60 years in business.

LPS Industries has built one of the larger commercial roof installations in the State of New Jersey. It is a 3,500-panel, multiple inverter rooftop system producing in excess of 700,000 DC-rated watts. The system provides more than 30% of the company’s facility and process electrical energy.

“LPS Industries, throughout its 60 plus year history, has consistently endeavored to be the leader in product innovation and process technology. Today’s investment in Research and Development will result in tomorrow’s sales,” said Paul Harencak, VP Business Development & Technical Services.

The CIANJ Environmental Leadership Award recognizes companies that are proactive in promoting environmental sensitivity in their operations or those that work to provide a means of lowering their carbon footprint.

The company strongly supports its initiatives for sustainability in the marketplace. Its Research & Development team continues to refine and develop sustainable products such as 100% recyclable and compostable materials using plant and fossil-based films.

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